• Remote Care Management Services for Health Care Providers and Payers

  • Timely Clinician Insight Optimizes Care Coordination

    Our team understands the clinical nuances that drive successful intervention to avoid preventable readmission.

  • Remote Care Must
    be Patient-Centered Care

    Daily monitoring and personal contact promote improved patient compliance and quick response to health changes.

  • Improving Outcomes While Lowering Costs

    Better analytics means better performance, and continuous improvements in care coordination.

The C3 Care
Coordination Model

Broad Axe improves outcomes for high-risk patient populations. We make sure interventions are more timely and efficient - avoiding preventable readmission.

Our remote care is patient-focused, and led by experienced clinicians with advanced analytics. We are successfully lowering preventable readmissions by developing customized models of care that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.